Mac FLAC library on an external HD synced to iOS Files app using Resilio Sync

I discovered something that surprised me today -

djay iOS is able to access FLAC files synced to my iPhone and iPad using Resilio Sync and the latest version of the iOS Files app.

Resilio Sync is a file syncing service that uses BitTorrent instead of the cloud. Its not as slick as dropbox/iCloud/Gdrive, but it works really well and is fairly easy to setup.

Now I am able to keep my 2TB FLAC library on an external SSD AND access it on my iOS devices by selectively syncing the folders I want using the Resilio iOS app. Selective syncing requires purchasing the Pro version of Resilio Sync ($60 one time purchase).

With this setup I am seeing:

  • Cue points sync via iCloud across devices it seems, haven’t tested much.
  • Odd behavior from djay saying a file cannot be accessed, but it plays fine.
  • The process of selectively syncing is a pain because I have Swinsian auto organize all of my FLAC by artist/album folders. If you organized your FLAC manually (e.g. by set/style) you would not have to selectively sync.
  • The process of adding tracks appears to only work for files, not folders. When I add a folder no tracks are imported. I can still multi select files within a folder to import, but this is a pain.

This is huge for someone who has a 2TB+ library, enjoys Apple devices and Algoriddim’s commitment to iOS/Mac OS but refuses to convert everything to ALAC for use in Apple’s Music app / native iPhone & iPad Syncing.

(Why the anti-ALAC approach? Because I heavily edit metadata with tools like Meta to enable a smart-playlist based workflow, and I want that hard work to be future proofed for any platform that accepts FLAC)

I’ll post updates as I learn more.

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