Mac & iOS compatibility clarification

I have been using Djay 2 and now Pro AI for a long time now and love it. I am now looking to subscribe. I am a iPad pro user but also want to get it on Mac as well.

I read in a few other posts that licenses are not cross-platform compatible and would need to purchase 2 separate licenses. But upon reading this on your website, I am a little confused:

The optional PRO subscription for $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year will offer full access to all content and features of djay Pro AI across Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

I would certainly get the Mac subscription instead of the iOS if this means being able to use it with my iPad as well. Can someone please clarify for me if this is indeed true once and for all?

Thank you!


Hi there, it doesn’t matter if you purchase a sub on iPhone, iPad or MacOS, as long as all your devices are signed in with the same Apple ID the sub will work cross platform without issue.



Thank you so much for the info sooteee! :pray:t4:

So I might as well buy the license for iOS since it’s a bit cheaper than the Mac I suppose. :grin:

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I didn’t realise it was different pricing, I assumed they were all the same!
I’ve subscribed on the iPad and it works perfectly on the MBP.
Have fun with it!

Sorry but you’re wrong about that. Same amount, be it iOS, iPadOS, or MacOS. The cheaper thing is to be on the pple side compared to android or windows (same price, more equipments)

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