Mac: iTunes library instead of Music library

Djay pro automatically loads the music library.
But I don’t use it at all.
I use an iTunes library that is stored on an external hard drive.
How can I load it into Djay pro?

iTunes is Music in the new apple language! What’s your mac OS version?
Manage that external drive via “Music” app on your mac (files can still remain locally in your ext drive - just drag and drop your library to the music app

Pretty sure if those tracks/playlists were added to Music app on your mac, djay pro AI would see them “as it is”
Learn to love the pink Music section of djay (not the yellow Collection section) - the integration with Music/iTunes is default)

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I think he may be referring to My Collection (Yellow section) “Music” playlist since that’s the default source that loads when djay is launched for all devices, not Apple iTunes Music (pink/red)

If you enjoy using the streaming services they offer, then the My Collection tab becomes more of a reliable source to formalize all of your music in one place. Took me a few weeks to permanently switch over from iTunes source to My Collection.

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