Mac Midi Mapping Location

Morning all,

So here I am with my new MBP and my first question.

I have copied my mapping file from the iPad and have it in iCloud.

I have also found the following folder in the MBP Djay folder:

/Applications/djay Pro Mappings

If I put my custom map from iCloud into this folder is that it or is there somewhere else that custom mappings need to be?


S :+1:t2:

Panic over… a bit of playing around, searching Spotlight, creating another MIDI map etc has led me to the correct place…
My folder / music / djay / MIDI Mappings

All under control!


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Glad you got it working, that’s the right location as documented here:

By the way you can also install mapping files simply by double-clicking them or dragging them onto the djay Pro AI app icon e.g. in your Dock. :sunglasses:

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Cheers sanders, I’m fine with the iPad version but the MacBook is a whole new learning curve for me!

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