Mac Trackpad Gestures and Elgato Stream Deck with DJay Pro AI

I’ve been mapping control of DJay Pro AI to custom trackpad gestures on my M1 and came across the elgato stream deck – thinking how it might be an interesting combo, throw in deck pedal for control with your feet and … Hmmmm. Has anyone played with this setup or similar yet? Since elgato has some audio hardware - thought I would check. Might be a bit pricey to for me at this stage; just to play around with.


Hi @Sawdog,

Thank you for your post!

This is an interesting idea and I would be curious to see if anyone else has thought about doing the same!

I’m looking forward to hearing more about this, and encourage other users of our community to provide some examples or feedback related to this idea!

Right now I just left things at using trackpad mappings to control things like, transitioning next song, volume up/down couple others – works pretty cool - in this case just using it as a music player basically.

I’m upping this message…albeit I’m sure there are more pressing things on Algoriddim’s backlog. If no API control (which is understandable) then a custom stream deck or companion for stream deck integration would be amazing.