MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro for djay

Hi guys, on the market for a new laptop have been predominantly using the iPad but it’s time for an upgrade. As the title suggests which one would you recommend both having the M2 chip.

Besides the size difference in the screen and the storage capacity does it really make a difference to the application that we are using?

@Djdash either of these devices should run djay like a dream. Personally, I prefer the Air for the lighter weight and lower cost.

Having said that though, I prefer the iPad over either of the MacBooks. In my opinion there’s less to go wrong with the iPad, it’s more splash resistant in the booth, has a touch screen and is simply more affordable. Honestly, I never use my MacBook Air for DJing anymore.


I have the m1 macbook pro and love it however I have had my eye on an ipad to use strictly for djing for quite some time.

I’ve just bought a iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th Edition with 1tb of space to basically take over from my MacBook Air m2. When I get my Mixon 8 I can really test the iPad and see which will work best for me. I’ll hopefully sell the air and get a lower spec pro for editing and stuff.


There is definitely a clear winner here being the iPad Pro/iPad Air M1. Would probably do the same thing as well?
I just assumed that the extra power on the MacBook Pro would make a difference to the software

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@Djdash again either the iPad Air M1 or iPad Pro M1 will run djay like a dream. I’ve personally been using an iPad Air 4th Gen (A14 Bionic Chip) for over 2 years now.

I might be tempted to go for the iPad Pro 12.9 M2 for the larger screen and newest chip, but it’s a LOT more expensive than the Air M1 ($1099 vs $599).

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@Slak_Jaw maybe yoi could find a way to get the apple student discount price.

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@SamJam I’m not looking to buy a new iPad. Perfectly happy with the performance of my iPad Air 4. Just saying if I was, I’d be tempted by the 12.9 M2 Pro.

Actually, I’ll probably wait for the 12.9, M3 iPad Pro with OLED display before I upgrade again. I see this one as a real laptop replacement.

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:joy::joy::joy: I want that student discount. I have the iPad Air M1. But a bigger screen would always be better.


@Djdash then you should wait for the rumored 16" iPad Pro.

I use my M1 12.9 pro as well as the M1 16” MBP.

I use the MBP more though as there’s more view options than the iPad and there’s one in particular that’s not present on the iPad that I use a lot.

I still can’t get my head around why Allgoriddim don’t / won’t give us the same screen options on the larger iPad as the Mac.

There’s no difference in screen size between my 12.9 iPad and a 13” MB…. It’s not like the GUI wouldn’t fit as the MBs prove it will.

If the iPads get the the same view options (eventually), I’d quite happily go ‘all in’ with using the iPad.



@sooteee I agree 100% on the MacOS vs iOS GUI. Would love to see that happen.

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@Slak_Jaw I do get that the iPad GUI is designed around it being a touch interface so every element is bigger to allow for fat fingers……

If Algoriddim gave those with controllers the option to switch to the MB GUI if they wanted to, that would be a happy compromise.

We live in hope….:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


I might be changing topic ever so slightly here, however, it is clear that many of us particularly enjoy using this particular application. It is also evident that the developers of Djay pro or possibly a small company just judging from the amount of responses we get from them on this forum.

I for one would be more than happy if they increased the subscription, but offered the features and ruled out new updates to fix problems more frequently.

I don’t know if I’m even allowed to be talking about this company on their own forum, but I don’t mean it in a bad way or have bad intentions