Macbook - djay - Heavy Resource Use - What happened to Low Resolution Mode option?

Curious why the Low Resolution option for Mac went away. It drastically cut down on Resources. I have to run my fans at 100% per side and use a laptop cooling fan base to keep CPU temps below 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Old Low Res Option got me down to 125-130 on average. Also looking at getting a bigger (140w) Apple USB-C charging brick because my standard 60w often won’t charge the computer while dJay is in full use outputting video.

I feel similar to you with my MacBook Pro Retina from 2015. Unfortunately, in addition to the high temperature and CPU load, I also have the effect that dyao Pro is very buggy. Decks just stop or the speed suddenly changes drastically…

I did at least order a 96W Charger from Apple to solve my no charging
issues because the system was so resource heavy on the stock 60w brick. An
external USB cooling fan on bottom helps too. Running my videos at normal
quality or under if I start getting glitches.

Hi @Joe_Miller,

Thanks for posting in the community!

I’ve passed your feedback along to our dev team for continued review and will update this thread accordingly with any new information that comes out.

In the mean time here are some suggestions in which you can potentially boost your Mac’s performance when using djay.

  1. Quit all other programs while running djay.
  2. Stop other processes such as VPN’s, widget’s, etc.
  3. Log out any other user profiles you may also have running on your device.

Have a nice weekend!

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