Made Mixfader work on Algoriddim Djay Mac+iOS!

Some of you may know the Mixfader from DJIT, it’s a Bluetooth 4.0 X-fader for Mac, Windows and iOS devices. It was initially a kickstarter project and is now shipping and I had the chance to be one of the firsts to receive it.

There’s more on the device here :

For now, there is know Mac/Windows support but the company was kind enough to share with me an early version of their companion app for Mac.

So I was able create a mapping of the Mixfader on Djay for Mac, then I transferred the mapping on my iPhone using iTunes app library feature and it worked !

The Mixfader worked flawlessly on both Djay 2 for Mac and iOS, I only had to enable the MIDI mode on the Mixfader companion app.

As I cannot share the early version of the companion app that allows you to create the mapping transferable to iOS, I decided to share the mapping I created here :…

I only tested it on Djay for Mac and iOS for now but I guess it will also work with Vjay or Djay for Android if custom mappings are supported.

The Mixfader being the best companion to the compact nature of iOS djing, I’m encouraging Algoriddim to provide official built-in support for the Mixfader in future versions of Djay/Vjay for Mac and iOS.

In the meantime, have great time X-fading with this mapping !

Says found 1 device, but isn’t working w the mixfader