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I’ve connected my DDJ-FLX4 to my iPad via usb-c cable, the controller works fine, but I can’t select my audio output to my controller. Any solutions?

Check out this thread.


  1. Can you please provide a screen shot of your Settings>Audio Device Setup when the FLX4 is connected to the iPad?
  2. Can you confirm that your iPad is connected to the computer/tablet USB-C port on the back of the FLX4?
  3. Is the FLX4 connected to power via the second USB-C port on the back?

  1. See the screenshot
  2. I can confirm
  3. I can confirm

@DdoubleJ thanks for the additional information.

  1. Can you please confirm that the iPad is charging when connected to the FLX4?
  2. Have you tried a different USB-C to C cable? Preferably the original Apple one that came with your iPad or a high quality 3rd party cable with dual ferrite chokes on either end.
  3. I would also try disconnecting everything, doing a Forced Restart of your iPad, then launching djay, then connecting the FLX4 to power, then finally connecting the FLX4 to your iPad.

Force restart iPad - Apple Support (CA).

Hi Slak,

  1. A forced reset of the iPad fixed the problem :roll_eyes:

Thank you for your help, much appreciated :handshake:

@DdoubleJ you’re welcome. Glad that fixed it.

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