MAIN Volume control iOS

Good morning,
There is an important difference between the application for OSX (macbook) and the one for iOS (ipad) and it concerns the management of the “main” volume when using some external sound cards.
In my specific case, using the Scarlett Focusrite 2i2 sound card with OSX I am able to adjust the main volume from the DJAY PRO application, while from iOS it is not possible to control the “main” volume and I have to act on the hardware knob of the sound card.
If possible please implement the same volume control between OSX and iOS, thanks!!!

My guess is that on a computer, the 2i2 requires a driver, and the driver provides the communication.

On iOS there is no driver, so the interface has to work as class compliant.

hi my friend, it’s not really like that… do you know the volume of the 4 decks, or the sampler, or the looper?
as you know on ios they are managed perfectly and at the same time it is possible to manage a main volume in an applicative way.

Thanks for the suggestion @Massimo_Ardizzone. I’ve sent it to the dev team for consideration.

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