Major delay when using external mic (mini-jack plug) or Macbook Mic

I have been trying to use an external Mic for some time, but there is a significant lag (somewhere between .5 to 1 second) to get the mic audio sent to the main output.
This happens either using the audio engine of the Mac, or using an external Audio (Reloop Buddy).
It happens either using an external Microphone plugged on mini-jack input, or using Macbook microphone.
There was one time where I did not experience delay after a reboot, but every other time, I am having the issue. This ,makes the use of external microphone nearly unusable…
MacBook Pro M1
MacOS 12.5.1
Djay Pro 4.0.10 (I had the issue since I tried using external Microphone for the last few months, so probably applicable also to previous 4.0.x releases)

Hi @Markouchio,

Thanks for posting to the community! So that we can get to the bottom of this could you please answer the following questions?

  1. Does this issue seem to happen on the latest update to djay (v4.0.12)?
  2. Have you upgraded your macOS to Ventura and tested this same issue to see if it still occurs?
  3. Do you have many background processes running on applications open such as VPN’s, web browsers, etc that would take up your MacBook’s processing bandwidth while using djay Pro AI?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!