Major problem :(

I’m facing a major problem which I will try to describe as accurate as possible.
Using a 2017 Mac Book Pro (Quad Core i7, 16 gb memory, 85 gb free HD space) all latest software versions and DjayPro latest updates. Playing MusicVideos from a SDD disk. Everything works fine as long as I don’t connect my controller (Pioneer DDJ1000). When I do connect it my computer usage goes up to full within 30 seconds, resulting in jittery audio and total malfunctioning after another 30 seconds.
Tried everything to fix it and strangest thing is it happens at random. Mostly it doesn’t happen at all and I can play live sets for a whole evening even with using Airdrop and downloading videos during my DJ set. Happened three or four times now after I set up everything to start.
Any ideas?

Does it work fine consistently after rebooting the Mac?

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I was actually going to ask the same question. For some reason it seems to be a memory spike.

What are the software are you starting in the background sometimes, software can start automatically and you will not even be aware of it.

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Try this and tell us what you find

  1. Open a new Finder window and click the “Applications” option on the left-hand side of the window.
  2. Locate and open the “Utilities” folder.
  3. Double-click the “Activity Monitor” application.
  4. View the open processes on your Macbook in the “Process Name” column.

It does but if I hook up the controller again same problem occurs

Nothing running in the background. All login items removed. I’m using the CleanMyMac utility window to check computer load temerature and stuff (quite the same as the activity monitor) and tjhere I can see the activity increasing rapidly but only when I connect the controller

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This is extremely strange. I have never seen this before. By any chance, can you test this with another controller?

I am taking a long shot here and pure guesswork is the MacBook connected to power and is the controller connected to its own power as well?

Myself and I friend of mine know quite a bit about Macs but we can’t figure out what’s going on as well. Both are connected to a power source. Tried a different controller (small Numark) and evertything works fine. Problem is it does happen randomly and I can’t recreate the problem.

This is really starting to baffle me as well. you have probably tried this already however, I need to know did you download a specific driver for this controller?

Yes downloaded and installed the original driver from the Pioneer website. DDJ1000 doesn’t work without it. For the Numark no driver is needed

Then I unfortunately give up. I cannot work out what is causing the problem. my last question to try and resolve this and narrow it down would be, if you have tried using another DJ program on the same computer with the same controller. I want to try and establish if it is the Djay software or just a controller.

Of course I can’t tell if this is your actual problem, but Pioneer seems to be notoriously bad as far as DDJ 1000 driver support for the latest MacOS versions is concerned, and as you say you use the latest software versions, I assume you use the latest OS version as well. People have been complaining in the Rekordbox Forum for years about having problems with DDJ1000s and Rekordbox on the latest MacOS versions. I’d recommend trying it on a Big Sur or earlier install to check if that is indeed the problem, if you have the opportunity to do so.
Another idea (but this is basically a crapshoot) would be to check in the MacOS Audio/Midi setup for the sample rate and bitrate the DDJ uses - and play around with changing it to something else.
Also, to narrow it down, you might want to try a different DJ software. Download Mixxx - it’s free, and while I personally think it’s crap, it might reveal something about the source of the problem if it just works fine with the DDJ1000.

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Totally agree
Some of what I was saying before