📣 Major Update to djay Pro AI on iOS Just Released - Includes 1st-of-its-kind “Air DJing” Feature

Are you ready to try “Air DJing”? Then head to the App Store now to download the latest major update to djay Pro AI on iOS. For iPad users, our team is very excited to introduce you to Gesture Control: a feature that uses AI-powered hand-tracking technology to allow you to mix music without ever touching your device. Using intuitive hand gestures, you can now scratch, create loops, and apply filters and effects all with your hands in the air!

Check out the Intro Video or go straight to the amazing “Air DJing” performance by DJ Ravine here: DJ Ravine’s Gesture Control Mix.

Please note that Gesture Control requires iOS 14, an iPad Pro 11‑inch, iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation or later), or iPad Air (4th generation or later), and a PRO subscription. It is included in this update for all existing subscribers.

In addition to the all-new Gesture Control feature, this update includes more features and fixes you’ve been asking for:

  • NEW: Added ability to add individual files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services to Files integration
  • NEW: Support for Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 DJ controller
  • NEW: Set your own video footage as a visualizer
  • Improved aspect ratio of videos from camera roll
  • Fixed Automix start/end points not being used in some cases
  • Fixed Ableton Link not finding peers on iOS 14
  • Fixed empty iTunes library on iOS 12

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support! Please share with us your “Air DJing” mixes, experiences, and feedback. We’re eager to see your creativity flow with the new Gesture Control feature. And if you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions about this or anything djay-related, please post in the forum or reach out via email any time.

Your Algoriddim Team


I’m glad to see some fresh news :wink:
1.what a pity i cannot use Gesture control on my 10"5 iPad Pro :frowning: can you confirm this please ?
2.can you confirm the way to have Dropbox to work with File integration ? i’ve just tried and Dropbox is greyed in the File menu of Djay :frowning:


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Same for me item 2. Bug here?
Nevertheless, congratulations for the update! Amazing technology!
Very grateful to receive this unexpectedly by the morning!
Keep pushing the boundaries!

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I don’t like it and I don’t need it but great job …
Meanwhile, still no support for DVS. I am very disappointed

Is this bug free?

Will we still have issues when streaming audio

tracks stopping in the middle of the set?

  1. Unfortunately, the gesture AR feature is limited to the USB-C iPad Pros.
  2. The cloud service Files integration is limited to individual files at this time. This is out of our hands, I’m afraid.

Right, I’m confused…(easily done) but…

The information above states what iPad models that Gesture Control is available for, DanM then clarified that this is limited to the iPads with a USB-C connection, which includes both ipad 11 inch, the 12 inch (3rd gen) and ipad air 4, so basically any of them with FaceID as it uses the depth array camera to sense what is happening.

So far, so good…

On the help page here it clearly states “As this technology leverages the power of Apple’s A14 Bionic chip on iPad to allow you to mix, scratch, and apply FX through “Air DJing”, this feature is compatible with the following iPads:”.

Not one of the iPad Pros has the A14 chip, only the Air 4!!

Does it work with the iPad pro 11 & 12.9 or not?

I have an 11 (1st gen 2018) and cannot seem to get it to activate.

Anyone have any ideas please?

Cheers :+1:t2:

I can verify that the gesture feature works on my 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9”.

Can anyone tell me how to use the gesture feature. I have the correct iPad but can’t seem to get the gesture feature started. I have 4th gen 12.9 pro

Yes it does work with the 11’ iPad Pro 2018.
Same as mine, works perfectly!
Have you tried the screen mode selector (yellow button), then click on a little screen monitor on the left of this menu?

Sorry, a bit confusing.
What exactly do you mean by :”


Are you able to s share a pic of this button you are talking about :slight_smile:

Hi @sooteee,

Thanks for your feedback about this. Sorry about the confusion, and please note that I’ve just updated our FAQ that you mentioned to avoid further confusion.

The main question here is which iPads work with the new Gesture Control feature, and those are listed in the OP and the FAQ, and here again:

  • iPad Pro 11‑inch
  • iPad Pro 12.9‑inch (3rd generation or later)
  • iPad Air (4th generation or later)

Please note that Gesture Control requires iOS 14 and later. In addition, it requires a PRO subscription and is included for all existing subscribers.

If you need further assistance with your specific setup, please contact our Support Team directly at support@algoriddim.com.

Yep, the way Files API works with Drive/Dropbox means that you can’t add folders, so until there’s a change with that, you can only select files. The actions menu does let you select multiple files if you want, including just swiping across the ones you need.

There it is:

Thank you for your concern DanM.
The problem is that the cloud drives are greyed out so i cannot access them:

By the way, what is the File Provider Storage Folder? And the Linked Files Folder?


Found it. Massive thank you :blush:

I think if you are waiting around for DVS control from algoriddim, don’t hold your breath. They are a technology-forward thinking company - and help bring legitimacy to the ever-growing digital DJ market. As you’ve seen with their updates over the years, the focus is more on innovation, not dragging the legacy of vinyl DJing along for the ride.

Well into the 4th decade of my DJ career, I have been an avid user of djay Pro for a long time. And I have grown so wearisome of the tired “you aren’t a real DJ if you don’t use vinyl” argument.

There are plenty of companies that support DVS. But algoriddim was first to jump into the deep end with streaming, and got made fun of because of it. Now, it is a huge part of a typical DJ’s tools. When AI hit earlier this year, it was another breakthrough in technology - still not completely polished - like STEMS - but the first to have on-the-fly control of parts of tracks. And the FIRST to mash STEM-like technology with streaming platforms.

That is the future. The software. As controllers dominate the market, algoriddim has no reason to go backwards.

I do believe that Rane 12’s will work - if not officially supported. I’ve seen a few fellows use them with djay. And that’s about as close to vinyl as you’ll likely see. Maybe you could get Phase to work in conjunction with djay, but would require some bit of mapping, I assume.


I much prefer to rock up these days with an iPad / controller combo. So much easier than when I used to have to carry 2 full flight cases of vinyl around back in the early 90s!

Got to love progress! :slight_smile:

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Linked Files is just the list of individual media files you have added from Files app. File Provider Storage is one of the folders you’ve added at some point.

The reason Dropbox/OneDrive are greyed out is usually because you’ve opened the window via the folder add, not the file add menu item.