Make album logo bigger on turntable in iPad ?

Is there a way to make the record logo bigger on the turntable on an iPad using djay

Hi @NoidBoom

Thank you for getting in touch. Which exact djay version are you using? It would also be great if other users can share their thoughts on the topic and upvote it in order to push the thread.

Hey, I don’t think that it’s possible. I thought about that too…

Yes. On General settings, search for “show artwork on label” and disable it. Record label will take full plate space.

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There should be some way where we can get album information under the song title also; that would help out; many times DJaying in a dark setting…the album artwork doesn’t show to well to display information about the album where the song is playing from…so you can pull another track from that album…so a simple black/white text under the song title would help solve that problem i think…

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I requested already more than a year ago IDs tags to be displayed on video output. Would be great for the audience too.

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