Make djay say the title of the song in between songs in the queue or playlist during Automix

First of all, love your djay 2 app for iPhone and iPad. I’m not a professional DJ, so this app makes it as simple as turning on a playlist, but adds some of the pizzazz that only professional DJ’s and fancy equipment can offer.

I hold events in my community for line and partner dancing and I like the idea of just plugging my phone into an audio cable and then hitting Play Automix. With this type of dance event, I would love it if Djay 2 would have an Automix option that could be enabled where it would say the title of the next song in the queue or selected play list. The title of the song is in the meta data of the file and it seems it could easily be fed into a synthesized voice to read the title. Ideally, it could add some flare by randomly starting with some phrase that DJ’s typically say. For example “Next song is…” or “Now get ready for…”. It would pretty much make it completely hands free for me.

Hi Steve Lowe,

thank you for your mail.

We processed your request internally and it would be great if other users could upvote your post in order to push the request.

Lukas E.