make filter resonance stepless and mappable

At the moment the Filter-Resonance is in the settings with the levels low, medium and high. This gives little control and impractical accessibility. I’d love have added an option that is stepless and mappable to a knob on the controller. This would be great to set resonance on the fly as sometimes I just want to smoothly mix without resonance, or get creative with high resonance or play with the effect of changing the resonance. Therefore I suggest a great range from no resonance at all up to very wild, like some professional mixers do.

I think this should be easy to implement and enhance the mixing experience greatly and give us club-mixer experience on our controllers.

Hi @frgld,

Thanks for posting to the community!

This sounds like a very interesting feature request that I will make sure to pass along to our dev team for further review.

Looking forward to your next great suggestion!

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Seconded! This is something I love about Xone mixers - their VCF HP/LP/BP filter has a separate resonance knob that goes from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’ (it literally says so on the knob, gotta love those Brits!) and this is something that keeps me from going full MIDI controller + Algoriddim. I still have to lug around a full blown mixer.

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