Make it easier for DJs to promote on social media

I am doing some research into how to obtain the right licenses for my mixes / marketing videos as a DJ.

I know there are a lot of copyright legalities and you need to get set up in the right way.

I think it would be helpful for DJay to build this into the software to make it easier to get licenses from publishers when we are mixing their music.

It’s really a truth that artists go big because DJs promote them. We are like affiliates and I truly believe than any smart artist and publisher would be glad to allow a DJ to promote their music. If that DJ is making money on it, that’s a different story. Ultimately, there should be some agreement between DJs and publishers.

I graduated from Berklee College of Music and am a registered ASCAP creator. I asked them about this situation and here’s what they said.

Here’s what I found regarding a Synchronization license:

Feature Idea for DJay Software
I think it would be helpful if DJay could provide information about the publisher within the track columns. For example, we should be able to see what publisher is tied to each individual track.

We should also be able to have a way to obtain the correct licensing within our playlists and a tab where we can see the agreement and read through what we can and cannot do with the mix.

The first step to changing the system is to fully understand how it works.

That should be a tab in DJay where we know what our rights our, all the specific licenses, and how they work.

We should know if we can record or promote our mixes on social media.

This should be built into the software to make it easier to find great music, mix it, and promote it. In essence - to be real DJs.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this and see if we can all work together to make this happen in DJay!

Other resources I found:

Ah, a fellow Berklee cat (MP&E '95).
so totally proper, taking care of the business side so the people making the art/music get paid
Sync licenses…needle drops (interesting to see THOSE coming back…or they should be for this case specifically)…there’s some serious dust in those parts of my brain, but you’re absolutely right that there needs to be a better way, and the info should be encoded in metadata…but there needs to be a standard, and an interface and and and…but the cool thing is that (I think) all the building blocks are in place for the appropriate people to find and pull together. This isn’t a djay thing - it’s absolutely a publishing thing. and maybe some nudging of Tidal to get the ball rolling on their end couldn’t hurt either, to make the artists production teams aware of the need/benefit/requirement to have the correct info encoded in track metadata.