make my own packs for the new looper page

hello there, i have just got a subscription for the latest djay app with the pro features, and my specific reason was to take advantage of the looper page. i normally use Ableton Live and a laptop to fulfil this function so this is a godsend.
However, i want to use my own sounds in that page and this is where i have trouble.
ive copied a few samples into the app via iTunes file sharing, but i can’t seem to find any button anywhere that will let me either replace existing loops , or build a new set of loops from scratch.
so if someone knows where the magic button is for that i would be very satisfied and could get on with preparing for new year. i have trawled this forum, the faq, the video playlist, the manual, and can’t find anything to point me in the right direction.
hope you can help me. thanks in advance

Are you still on this or did I miss something?

Hi there,

Thank you for your mail.

Unfortunately making your own or adding your own samples is not yet supported.
We will add this feature very soon.

Lukas E.

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This feature would sell it for me as well as I have 1000s of loops I have made that I currently use in Ableton along with the APC 40 MK2 MIDI controller and I would love it if this was all integrated and open to export your own loops and samples it would change the way of DJing and take it next level live remixing please let me know when this update is due for release coz I will happily loose Traktor & Rekordbox and use this as my main go to DJ software.
P.S Happy to Demonstrate this soft wear for you on a YouTube channel also as I have plenty of tracks made live just clip launching buy itself so DJing and clips launching I can make some pretty cool mixes. kod3r3dz on Soundcloud if your interested.