Make Playlists sortable

It would be cool to be able to have Playlists sortable similar to how you can sort tracks. Just makes it a bit easier to get to the latest playlist that are at the bottom right now always when using the iTunes library playlists and tracks.

Agree, it would be nice to sort the playlists for use during a performance. Maybe even have a folder to organize them.

Right now, I have:

  • a long list of genre playlists
  • set of playlists for “new music” (last 6 months)
  • a set of playlists for curated “new music”
  • several DJ performance playlists for different scenarios

Getting all those to sort properly by naming them is a chore.

** and I’ll throw in metadata editing as well, that would be really useful for those of us who organize using smart playlists in iTunes. It drives me nuts every time I DJ, I always get ideas of how to further tag different songs during a gig, but I have to write it down on paper, because I can’t edit the metadata tags directly in djay Pro.

Even worse, I take all my notes, and edit the metadata in Serato because I can do it really fast there.

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Hi @axibert,

Thanks for the suggestion!

What platforms are you looking to see this feature implemented on?

Big thanks to @Michael_Wisniewski as well for the additional feedback.

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Mostly on the iPad, but iPhone would be cool as well. Thanks!


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