Managing playlists in IOS


I find the new option of djay to mix Spotify and iTunes awesome; I have even tough 3 difficulties I hope someone can bring me some light.

Smart playlist: does anyone have been able to create them in iOS? I’m just able to create the playlist that remains empty, I don’t see how to give them orders to be a smart playlist. I’m wondering if you need djay for Mac to do it, hopefully not.

Filter by comments: I’ve been using Traktor and iTunes for a long time and I use smart playlists based in comments a lot. I’ve seen the option to filter by comments but it doesn’t take the iTunes comments… how do we edit metadata to add comments, stars, etc. to tracks? Spotify tracks would be able to be edited too? Again, do we need djay for Mac to do it?

There is no option of multiple tracks selection? It would be very useful. (There’s an option to move all tracks to a playlist but not some of them).

Hi Pierre,

Thank you for your post.

When you are using a smart playlist in the djay for iOS library, which parameters do you use to filter which lead to a blank playlist.

Regarding the comments, we are working on improving the comment metadata in djay for iOS.

Normally the comments you have set in iTunes and which you synced to your iOS device are transferred.

I think it’s possible after last update

Please anyone could help me with this? Thanks

Hello Lukas thank you to reply,

I’m not even able to put songs inside the smart playlist so filters filter nothing… hopefully I don’t need to need the laptop version to do smart playlists, can you tell me the steps to do a smart playlist with songs in it?