Manual beat matching control djay for ipad with idj live.

Coming from professional dj setups I think it would be great if better manual tempo adjustment was added for the Numark idj live with ipad (instead of just using sync). Maybe a toggle option so the pitch + & - buttons adjust the tempo. I don’t want to lose my beat matching skills!

Hi guys,

thank you for your post. I forwarded this request internally. If i get your idea right, you want the Pitch buttons to be remapped to temp buttons which actually change the BPM.
At the moment you guys are using the touchscreen in order to adjust the BPM constantly am I right?

Lukas E.

Fully agree. This would be really helpful. Working with the pitch slider is very cumbersome. The + - buttons on the Numark controller have no function to me at the moment.

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Can you implement an option (check box in settings) that changes the operation of the pitch buttons on the Numark iDjay II into absolute and permanent 0.2 bpm up or down shifts? That would really help me. Now I am always struggling with the cumbersome slider on the iPad screen to gradually change the pitch of the song playing.