Manual edit beatgrid

I have several newly made high quality tracks that must change tempo or go out of beat during the break. They come back in at exactly the same bpm as the beginning of the song but now the beat grid is off. I know how to manually adjust the beatgrid and I have lined it up with the first half of the song but now the second half of the track is out off beat. If I change the beatgrid to match the second half of the song then the first half is off beat.

Is there a way to match the first half of the song and then match the second half of the song and let the grid split the difference and average it out during the break? If this is not possible is it at least possible to beatgrid the first part of the song and then beatgrid the second part of the song after the break? Maybe I could just tell it where to make a distinct change and then back

Hi guys,

thank you for your feedback.

At the moment it is not possible to divide a track into several “Grid Zones”.

We value your feedback and will gather it on our user request list.

Again, thanks for sharing.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I don’t think this is possible. My workaround is that i change the best grid with a key command/button once it changes (which is not optimal, of course). I wish dj pro had a few more of actual ‘Pro’ functions, like that or something like creating the loop for the last 2/4/8/16 etc beats. Both functions (and many useful more) are available in Virtual Dj and are sorely missed in DJ pro.

And btw, this is a thread from 3 years!!! ago, do don’t get your hopes too high :slight_smile:…

you probably misread my comment :slight_smile: I said exactly that, that virtualDJ DOES offer that functionality :slight_smile:

Thanks Louis for your reply but actually Virtual DJ makes this. On the BPM editor you can select one beat on any part of the music and click a button “1 of 4 beat” and then all the beats after that are changed to this new count grid. Just one button like that beside downbeat can resolve this. Come on algoriddim… very easy and minimalist action can revolutionare the preparation for automix or ours mix for all kind of music because you have already a great dynamic beat gridding. The only thing that fail is don’t have that tool to keep the track on the right beat count after a break.