Manually Import Djay Pro Data to Djay Pro 2

Is there a way to manually ask Djay Pro 2 (Mac) to import the track analysis and Cue Points (And other Data) from Djay Pro 1?

I have already installed Pro 2 and it asked if I want to do it, I did but wish to do it again because I have new data avaliable in Pro 1 I want to import.



Algoriddim team???

Yes Anadalin, you can do it.

Simply you have to delete the “djay Pro” folder inside the “Music folder” in your home folder in your Mac, to have djay Pro ask you to import again.
You will be asked again to import data once you reopen the DjayPro app. Please make sure you have the latest version. There has been a new release since it was launched a month ago.