manually input bpm when calculated incorrectly

is there a way to manually input bpm on songs that are known to be displaying incorrectly in djay? tapping is tedious and does not save for the next session for me. for example most of the new bonobo album, the north borders are off by more than the common half/double that sometimes occurs.

Hi Amory,

Tapping, Half or Double are the only ways to correct the BPM. Although, after tapping the BPM, the value should be saved until you change it again.

As an experiment, please try the following:

  • load a song with an incorrect BPM
  • tap the BPM
  • load a different song on the same turntable
  • quit djay
  • restart djay
  • load the first song

Is the new BPM value still there?

cleared the cached data file and re-evaluated. same issue, however tapping now saves. cheers.

will there be a feature in future versions to enter bpm values?

This problem has resurfaced in the windows version of Djay. Manual BPM input works fine on mac, but there is no option to do so on windows.

If possible can this feature be added to windows?