Manually input BPM

I have an idea…

Sometimes, djay calculates the BPM of some of my tracks incorrectly (not 1/2 etc.) but actually wrong.

I think it would be a great idea to have the ability to manually input the BPM of a track when you know what it is.

I find that the tap function doesn’t calculate the BPM correctly all the time.


I agree this would be a great addition. Please let’s add this… It would make things much cleaner,

Wait, so this actually will set the BPM used for the analyzer to whatever you put in? If DJay reads my song as 148.2 bpm, and I want it to be 148 bpm, I can go to iTunes and fix it myself, and DJay will analyze it at 148 bpm from then on?

Are you sure? That’s been a question I’ve been asking for the longest time.

And does DJay Pro work with the Numark iDJ Pro?

That’s an unfortunate oversight, especially for those of us who don’t use Macs. The lack of this functionality is what’s kept me from using DJay more regularly.

Is this possible guys? I like this idea as well.

You can do this inside the app in the latest version of Djay Pro.

Yes, since last version for Mac released about 2 months ago. You just click on the BPM on the screen. Then next to the value there is pen button. You click on it and type whatever you like. Djay Pro will remember the value you typed for that song.
Not sure about Numark iDJ Pro for Mac Djay. Looks like the iPad version supports it but it doesn’t have option to type BPM manually yet.

The new features are added to Mac version first and then to iPad. I’m sure they will add with time. Anyway Djay Pro is just a few months old and is the most powerful DJ app out there.

You can do this in iTunes. “Get Info” on the track, set the BPM, then go back to DJay and refresh your library.

Definitely a must. Some songs are in half time and some in double time.

It would be great to have the possibility to correct the tempo in library without altering the original track.

I admit I actually didn’t know that. Thank you. That might mean this problem is solved via. different app, at least on Mac.

I believe the original idea is intended for iOS devices, which would mean there is more to it than just opening you iTunes