Map Instant FX and Stems to Pads

  • Device model: Lenovo
  • Version of operating system: Win 11
  • Version of djay: Latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: The Next Beat by Tiesto

Hello, any idea maybe on a way to map djay instant FX and Neural stems to controller pads (Like Djuced or Serato)? Thank you

Hi @JustineB, as I shared in your other thread, both Instant FX and Neural Mix Mute/Solo are easily MIDI Mappable to spare performance pads. Just scroll through the available commands within the MIDI Learn tool for Deck 1 and Deck 2. For more information on MIDI Mapping in djay, please refer to the linked FAQ article.

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Thanks. That’s ok, but how to create an under menu by clicking shift+main loop for example to call a secondary pads map for instant FX, without removing main loop pads setting? Tricky!

You’re welcome. That really depends on your DJ controller hardware. If SHIFT+MAIN LOOP on your DJ controller does not engage a secondary Performance Pad Mode on your controller with it’s own unique MIDI assignments for each pad, then this cannot be manually MIDI Mapped in djay. This is simply a hardware limitation.

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Thanks. 3 empty pads in main loop zone, enough to get 3 Neural Instant FX, nice :slight_smile:

By chance is there also a clever way to get the Djay 4 decks feature with a 2 channels controller with a midi trick? :blush:

Shift and pitch bend perhaps?

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Not really. Certainly, you could MIDI map SHIFT+ many of the controls for Deck 3 and 4, but with only 2 channels on the controller things won’t work out very well. In general, I wouldn’t recommend this.


Thanks. Just to load a track for scratch in fact, maybe a long sample through sampler pad would be a better idea ?

That’s ok I’ve just found a way to map non essential knobs to do it without shift. Thank you

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Great! You’re welcome @JustineB

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