Mapped external mixers - dvs


I use djay on an ipad and for now have been using it with pioneers ddj400 controller. Which is totally fine but i’m really excited about the DVS solution.

And i’m also looking into buying a new mixer / controller to expand my gear / possibilities as i’m often using more than 2 decks.

My first question is:

The mapped mixers for DVS like the denon x1850 and rane mp2015 are 4 channel mixers. Is there a way to use all 4 channels with djay on an ios device?
Perhaps controlling two channels via the turntables and the other two channels by the ipad?

My second question is:

Which mixer / controller would you recommend to get most flexibility regarding connecting more gear? Preferably i would like to have 4 channels and the possibility to connect external efx units and a secondary ipad for other apps (like you can on the pioneer djm 750 mk2)

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi @bttnbtt,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

Please note that the Denon X1850 and RANE MP2015 are natively supported mixers that will work on both Mac and iOS as shown on our DVS page. You can also make use of djay’s 4 deck mode either from your hardware or via the app on-screen.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend specific hardware as it is case by case with users.

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And thanks for the reply!

Does this mean that you can play with 4 decks while using DVS?

As an example; can i use 2 decks with dvs and 2 decks controlled with a controller?

Thanks for checking.

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