Mapping a CDJ-2000, CDJ-2000 Nexus for DJay 2 or DJay Pro

Has anyone mapped CDJ’s in Pro for Mac and transferred the mapping file for use with DJay 2 (or Pro) on iPad (iOS)? Great success?!

My reason for using Dejay Pro for iPad with a CDJ 2000 Nexus would be to take advantage of the excellent beatgridding that Dejay performs with songs having an uneven tempo. Rekordbox does a decent job, but most songs in Dejay don’t need to be tweaked.

Not sure how man peeps would map for an iPad when they clearly have a MacBook running Djay Pro. Just giving a heads up. I can say I have Djay Pro for Mac, Djay Pro for iPad and Djay 2 and I didn’t even consider it a possibility to use my CDJ-2000NXS’s with my mobile devices. If I were to use my CDJs with mobile devices it would be with the fully integrated Rekordbox.

Gotta admit I have yet to see any DJ’s show up with any of the above LOL. Pretty much your MacBook Pro and that is it. The advantage being you can run Pro DJ software. If Serato, Traktor or Reordbox ever released a (real) mobile version I may reconsider but most (with the exception of DJ Player Pro) are novelty at best. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Djay Pro but it is absolutely in the realms of novelty.

Just my two cents as everyone is entitled to use what works for them :slight_smile:

Point taken.

Worth noting for argument sake: there is a clear advantage to bringing your Macbook over say a Mac Pro, iMac, read: desktop computer (setup, size, etc.). Likewise, it’s easier to bring an iPad Mini with keyboard over my Macbook Pro ( size, weight, battery life of 10 hours vs 2 hours).

So then USB Flash drives are even more compact and reliable, but comes at the cost of losing all the features of Djay, so that’s as disadvantageous to me as playing vinyl.

Bearing in mind all of the above statements are intended as a mobile DJ, and or open format, scenario. Obviously, if you are headlining a big club and playing a certain style of music, the USB drives/rekordbox are the gold standard.

Well, now that I think about it… DJay for iOS brings a multi touch interface to you that is not available on a Macbook or CDJ by itself. The FX and looping sections work in a way on the iPad that cannot be duplicated with the hardware alone.

My current gigging setup is a DDJ-SX with an Ipad mini 2 and I still open the FX section to use the Kaoss pad, even though every button is mapped to the DDJ.

Another advantage is cool factor… All the DJ’s before you show up with huge macbooks, computer stands, power cords, etc. and you come over to the CDJ’s with a tiny iPad mini that you can just plug in.