Mapping djay2 for ipad with hercules djconsole rmx2

I’m using djay and djay2 for ipad
there is the possibility to support or mapping the hercules djconsole rmx2 in future?

for Djay2 ios?

Thanks for posting your request.

No response at all from Algoriddim. Not paying attention to your customers?

How about djay pro for ios. Planning to allow the rmx2 there?

Already exists a mapping for RMX2 controller look for it by google.

They are pretty clear about the supported hardware for ios, i think.

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I recentley purchased a Hercules RMX 2, when will this controller be supported on the ipad? Or is there a midi-learn feature (similar to Djay for mac) coming in a future update of Djay 2 for ipad? Thank you for your attention.

I would like to have that feature too

I would like to have that feature too

The RMX2 is only natively supported by djay Pro, our Mac software. It is not supported by iOS, yet.

Is the RMX2 officially supported on DJay2 for iPad now? I don’t see anywhere where it is. I’m interested in using the RMX2 I have with the iPad in small set ups.