Mapping files for Hercules RMX 2, Control Air+ and Control Instinct

Now I am JACKED that I spent 3 hours trying to map something, after you told me to do it myself, when you knew all along that it would never work!

No matter if I am saying Hercules, Denon, American DJ… it’s the exact same situation, correct?

Here’s an idea… let everyone know before they BUY the software that they can not MAP certain Denon (and other) controllers that “use non-standard MIDI protocols”. That would have saved me a TON of money and even more time.

Right but you can’t say this Warren (see screen shot below). It is completely false. You give the impression that any controller can be mapped. There are NO warnings that say some controller can not be mapped.

But your right, it’s the customer’s fault…

No thanks. Just make a truthful statement on your website so that everyone knows that certain controllers are not supported.

DJ’s are buying your software based on the fact that you tell them they can map any controller. I did.

Can I get a refund? (didn’t think so)

It was a joke… Just map it or fix the midi mapper so that it works. That would be easier than refunding everyone who can’t get their controller to work.

You should see what guys are writing on some of the dj forums. And you think I am against this software… if you only knew.

It is said that over 75% of all dj’s use controllers. To NOT support top controllers is insane. Why would you not want to fix that? And fix it in a timely fashion?

How hard is implementing native mapping? And/or, how hard is it to fix your broken midi mapper?

Again Warren, another thing about Algoriddim that makes no sense.

Awesome, thanks! You can contact me when you are ready… No denon dn-mc6000 around that you can use? I will send you my backup unit if it would help and be easier.

scott at djmagicmoments dot com

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Hercules DJControl Instinct?.

Hi guys,
I would like to by this product (DJControl Instinct)… yes it is really entry level, but for me it is enough!! I want to ask you if this controller is supported by the last version of djay (4.0.6). In any case there is a way to self make a mapping between the software and the device?

Thank you

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Midi Mapping for Hercules RMX2.

Tried too manually map controller? Failed… can any one help???

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anyone got a midi map for hercules instinct?.

just can’t set it up properly myself. the jog wheels just won;t behave.

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Jogwheel mapping problem.

Hi! I’m trying to map my hercules dj control instinct with djay for Mac. Everything seems to work properly, except the joghweels. I can’t map the scratch function to my pressure detection jogwheels. When I map the “scratch” function, it does like a seek, but not scratch. Can you help me?

Hey guys I haven’t tried the mapping that they created yet but I was able to map the Hercules RMX 2 using the MIDI Learn feature so I have some experience now! Let me know if you want my mapping file or any help.

I’ll also try that mapping out this weekend and see how it works. Thanks for the help Warren!

Hi! These work great. The only issue I have had now is that I am having troubles finding out how to create a MIDI out so that the VU Meters for table-1 & table-2 on the RMX2 will respond according to the EQ values.

Any tips for this?

I tried this but no luck!

However, it indeed seems that the EQ Knobs of the RMX 2 are linked to the VU Meter because if I slide the “Channels” bar under Advanced Options after having enabled MIDI Out I can light up one LED of the SU Meter at a time.

Let me know if you have any other tips!

No luck! I went through all the channels but now it’s not lighting up any of them. Thanks again for your continued support, let me know if you have any other ideas I can try!

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Djay with Macbook pro.

Hi! finally I’ve purchased a macbook pro, and so also Djay for Mac.
I have the Hercules Control Air Plus, and cannot play well for nothing: I’m totally disappointed, nothing go in the right way.
The jog isn’t precise at all, and other many things aren’t good.
Why no one make a right mapper for this controller?

I Warren, I’ve just downloaded the above mapper for Hercules air plus, but: the jogwheels do’nt work well. for example, if there is a a diskA in play It’s not possible to search the point of start in diskB. or better say if A is in play mode B toggle jog doesn’t functioning.
second thing, A is stopped. B jog wheel doesn’t possible to search the point of start music,
This is the first bad thing I found in this first 5 minutes,
please do something.

the crossfader transition is not linear but jump from right to the center and on the left.

Can you screenshot ur maping so i can do it ? i need it really bad my email is

DJay 2 android and Hercules Control air

Hi everyone.
I have purchased the app DJAY 2 for android (wexler tab 7is), and it’s awesome but, I have hercules control air that isn’t at the moment mapped for USB midi protocol.
Please can someone help me.