Mapping files for Hercules RMX 2, Control Air+ and Control Instinct


First off thank you for anyone that is reading this. I’ll be extremely happy to have your help.

I’m a customer of the DJay application for OSX and I recently purchased my first MIDI controller. I can map all basic functions of the MIDI controller. However, I cannot figure out how to toggle between the modes of Loop, Effects, Samples, and Cues.

See how the MIDI is set up and is used with other software is that you have four impact (pressure) sensitive buttons. Depending on how hard you push that it will give variable strengths of the effect you apply or in other situations simply act as a button. I would like to

  1. Set up the ability to toggle between using the four buttons to have 4 different loops on demand, 4 effects of DJay, 4 sample pieces and 4 cue points. Is this possible using the controller setup with DJay?

  2. I would like to take advantage of my MIDI controllers pressure sensitive buttons for applying effects. Is this possible this DJay?

I hope to hear an answer from one of the community members or staff as soon as possible so that I can take full advantage of DJay and my hardware! Thanks again.

Native support for all of these controllers have been added in djay Pro.


Here are preliminary mapping files for Hercules RMX 2, Control Air+ and Control Instinct.

To add to djay for Mac, simply download and double-click on the mapping file. Please let us now what you think, we’d really appreciate some feedback.

Try moving the EQ sliders, then select “Show Advanced Options” in the Configuration window. You can enable “MIDI Out” there.

I think you already answered it yourself: try using a different channel. :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work with MIDI Out, then I’m afraid there’s no way for you to enabled it via MIDI mapping, sorry.

Hi Vinc,

Did you try the mapping above? What exactly isn’t mapped or working properly?

Some Denon controllers including yours use non-standard MIDI protocols, which is why certain features, e.g. jogwheels, cannot be mapped.

I guess I should’ve been clearer, sorry for the misunderstanding. Of course, it can be mapped. But you can’t map it through “MIDI learn” in djay, because of what I mentioned above.
Only our dev team could custom map your controller.

We don’t know which Denon controllers are affected beforehand. I just assumed that from what you wrote here after I recommended that you try to map it yourself.

By the way, please try to stay on topic. This thread is about the Hercules controller. You can post in your original thread regarding this issue.

You do know that we have a FREE trial version of djay for Mac with full functionality, right?

Scott, no one said that it’s your fault. I’ll check back with our team regarding this and we’ll be sure to discuss whether this needs to be changed.

Did you buy djay through the App Store or through our website? We can only offer refunds if you bought it through our shop. We have no way of granting refunds for the App Store.

Do you have the latest driver for your controller?

Go to MIDI > Options > and disable Crossfader Cutting Mode.

Tell you what: send me an email to support(at) and we can set up an appointment for a screensharing session. Maybe the controller can be mapped after all. It’s worth a try, what do you think?

I was told that I had to make my own mapping for the Denon DN-MC6000. When I tried, NOTHING worked. HUGE let down for me.

Total waste of money on this software so far.

YES THEY CAN BE MAPPED… Every dj software on the planet maps the jog wheels.

VDJ - Yes
Traktor - Yes
Mix Vibes Cross - Yes
Megaseg - Yes
PCDJ - Yes
Serato - Yes

DJay - NO???

Come on Warren… it’s one thing to say it “can’t” be mapped, it’s another thing to say that the software has not been updated in 2 years and therefore it won’t be mapped.

Then why in the world did you tell me that if I wanted this mapped, I had to do it myself? For me to purposely waste my time?

Why not update the midi-learn feature to allow for mapping? Or map it and release an update?

Again, your business philosophy makes absolutely no sense to me. You tell me to update my software via midi-learn to get my controller to work and now you post that it would be impossible for me to do that because it has to be done “in-house”.