Mapping for DDJ SZ2

I have new ddj sz2 and it’s not natively supported by dj pro. Does anybody have a mapping for this controller. Any developing plans for Plug n Play Integration? Would be really great. Thx

It would be really great finally getting it for the ddj rz as well! Not enough votes for the rz till now?

Thank you guys.
Forwarded your posts and added them to our user request list.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys,

after quite some time, we are very happy to announce that

djay Pro for Mac 1.4.4 comes with full plug & play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

You are good to go after updating djay Pro.

Thank you for your patience.

Lukas E.

It only works under the Serato preset. If you turn on Midi mode, lol it’s a mess

I too would like to know as I am looking at changing my DDJ RZ to a DDJ SZ2 because the Djay pro does not support DDJ RZ.

Hi Lukas, I was just wandering if there was any more progress on Native Mapping for the DDJ-SZ2 as I have returned my DDJ-RZ and awaiting to purchase the SZ2 if it is likely that there will be Native mapping. If not then I will perhaps settle for the DDJ-SX2?

I’ve been on the forums about this for months, starting to really get old. There are at least 100 people on here that’s written somthing about it, can’t imagine the ones who haven’t wrote somthing. Hopefully they get a board in so I can stop using serato, or my little dj-sr…

Hi Lukas, just purchased a DDJ-SZ2 specifically for Djay Pro - assumed that as DDJ-SZ was supported, the ‘2’ would be too! Gutted… Any chance you could make this happen ASAP - mapping it manually is proving very tricky and time consuming…! Cheers in advance

Unfortunately, I made the same mistake thinking DJay Pro would support the DDJ-SZ2 since it wasnt a major upgrade from the SZ

Come on guys at Algoriddim, please make this happen sooner than later
We need Native support for the DDJ SZ2

Any update would be greatly appreciated

well said
i can’t imagine it to be so difficult to do. SZ2 wasn’t a major upgrade from the SZ
so i don’t understand the delay from algoriddim why not issue a quick update to address this???

That’s really great news

Adding my name to the list for all of the above reasons. This is the reason why I got the DDJ-SZ2 over the DDJ-RZ.

Yep - it happened months ago :slight_smile: It should now be fully mapped, albeit with a few minor bugs I saw once reported that may now have been addressed.

I am also waiting. Then I come over from Virtual DJ to Allgoriddim…

And now also the Windows version would be very nice :slight_smile:

I tried the midi interface but only one channel of the SZ gives sound. Did you do the same?

I have the problem with the sz
But I think it is mainly the connection with the driver of the ddj-sz

Main issue is the driver for the soundcards in the ddj-sz. Midi is no issue !

Same here… Still awaiting