mapping for Denon MC3000

Hi DJay… i just bought this denon mc3000 controller and now theres no mappings for it. Please may you urgent bring attention to this. As i have paid a big price for djay pro on my macbook and now its useless.

Yes would be great I’m still working with this controller

Me too. I love my MC3000. Best controller for the need I have. Weddings etc.

We’re currently looking into adding native support for Denon controllers. Although I can’t say for sure if the MC3000 is one of them. Rest assured though that we’ll take it into consideration if not. 

We have been asking for mapping for Denon products for at least two years. As of now, there are NO PLANS to map these controllers.

As popular as they are, it amazes me that they don’t map them but they don’t.

Also, don’t waste your time complaining, they rarely answer posts and hardly ever post updates.

Can you confirmif it is possible to Map Djay Pro with the Denon MC3000 Controller

I would like to add my vote for mapping the MC3000! It seems odd that Djay would support every other Denon controller (MC6000MK2, MC6000, MC2000, SC2000) but not the MC3000! This is a great controller and while I can map most of the functions myself using the MIDI learn utility, mapping the LEDs is beyond my abilities, as Denon controllers apparently use a non-standard MIDI protocol. This is a deal-breaker for me; Djay is my preferred software, but I’m using something else until this is resolved.

I noticed that the latest djay Pro update (1.2) included native plug & play support for 9 more Pioneer and Numark controllers, which is great… but I would really like to see more Denon controllers to enjoy the same compatibility! Still wondering what the likelihood of getting plug & play support for the MC3000.

Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000!!!

Any updates on the MC3000??? Can anyone share a custom mapping with me?

Any updates on the MC3000?