Mapping for numark universal 2 channel mixer

I wish there was mapping for the numark universal mixer it’s a pretty good deck and quite popular for some beginners. I feel as if djay were compatible with the numark universal they’d get more business. In general I feel djay should consider mapping for several kinds of mixers as there are some that many many people use but they don’t have support for. Hope to get mapping for the numark universal deck soon!

Hi there,

we always appreciate if our users tell us which mapping they want to be implemented. We gather the suggestions and requests thank you for that.

Nevertheless, have you tried mapping the controller with the midi learn feature?

Lukas E.

I have tried to do that for some reason some of the controls are not automatically picked up when I touch or move them such as the equalizer controls and several others it would just be nice to have everything properly mapped for plug n play that way everything is surely correct.

I have a basic mapping for the 2 channel universal mixdeck if you would like to use it.

Hi Eros,
I’m dying to use my mixdeck universal 2 channel, will you be able to share the settings?

If you could email me on that would be great.

Hello Eros, would you mind sending the basic mapping for the 2 channel universal mixdeck? Thank you !

Hi Eros, can you please send me the mapping as well?