Mapping for Pioneer DDJ-SR2

I just traded in my Pioneer DDJ-SR for the new DDJ-SR2. Do you know when djay Pro (Windows) will natively support the SR2? The mapping should be the same as the DDJ-RR since they are basically identical. Other than the Serato vs. Rekordbox integration, the controls/buttons are the same. With the new release of the SR2, I’m sure there will be great demand to have djay Pro support it.


Please share the ddj sr2 mapping. Thank you.

Hey there,

we are aware of the user demand of these Windows mappings and are doing our best in order to provide a mapping as fast as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi there,

we are gathering user requests for the mapping and want to thank you for feedback.

If there are news we will let you know immediately.

Cheers,Lukas E.

bump, when there will be a mapping for the sr2?

Hello?? We are waiting…

Has anybody tried mapping it themselves?

oh ok, did you use the windows version of DJAY pro to do the mapping?

if it works im buying the sr2 instead of the roland , let me know how it goes lol thanks!

you should post it up here:

i posted a couple for mappings i had done for djay and numark

Can someone from Algoriddim please provide an update on the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 mapping? It sucks to have upgraded my controller and not be able to use DJay Pro.

It would be nice if someone from Algoriddim would answer this question. Some of us are loyal users who chose to upgrade their controllers and need to know if and when DJ Pro will support it (Pioneer DDJ-SR2)…

I consider it a slap in the face to loyal users to not even offer an answer.

Thanks Lukas. Please let us know when the DDJ-SR2 gets supported.

Any news yet on the DDJ-SR2 mapping?

Isn’t the DDJ-SR2 the same layout as the DDJ-RR? Just that the SR2 is for Serato and the RR is for Rekordbox? I see that the RR is already supported by DJay Pro.

Can you please share the mapping? Thanks!

I started this topic way back in September when I traded my SR in for a SR2. It’s disappointing that they haven’t added support for it given that it’s one of Pioneer’s most popular controllers.

I’ve told my casual DJ friends not to waste their money on this software and just go with Serato and save your money to buy songs on iTunes. The Spotify integration is great but if Algoriddim isn’t going to support this controller, then I seriously doubt that they will provide adequate support for controllers that will be released in the future.

YES WE NEED SR2 supported please !!! I don’t want to go back to Serato :confused:

Yes algoriddim please let us know when you can support SR2 !