Mapping for Pioneer SB2 and IPAD

just a question, just tried out the beta windows version with my Pioneer SB2 and everything worked, any plans on having the SB2 work on the Ipad version of DJAY or DJ PRO? or does anyone out there have a mapping file you could share? thanks! any info is appreciated!

Awesome! Except i dont have a mac :frowning: , however i wonder if that file is somewhere in windows system (since the SB2 works perfect with the win beta version of djay which i am happy for otherwise). I do have the camera connection kit because I use it with DJ Player app on occasion. Also, I wonder if the native midi file for mac and the Pioneer sb2 is lingering online somewhere for me to download LOL. Thanks for the reply!

thank you! i will email from

hey actually i found the one in windows!! sent it to ipad BOOOOM!! lol, thanks maan!!

Look at this thread.…

You can export the mapping from Djay pro for mac, import it to djay pro for ipad document sharing on itunes and run your controller with powered hub and camera connection kit. I have a SB2 and test it, work like a charm!

Send me email I will send you the original mapping

I send you that in a couple of hour!

No problem!

Mr. Perras can you send me the mapping also please. Im trying to do the same thing. Thank you