Mapping for Roland DJ 707 m

Hi all. Has anyone been able to map the Roland DJ 707 M controller?

I’ve seen a lot of requests for a MIDI mapping for this controller. I agree that it seems like a potentially great fit for djay Pro AI. I don’t have a 707M, but I do have a lot of experience making custom MIDI mappings in djay.

So, I’ll throw this idea out there:

  1. If someone wants to ship me their Roland DJ 707M, I’d be happy to have a crack at MIDI mapping it then shipping it back to you.
  2. Or maybe someone on here has a relationship with Roland and can get me a demo unit?
  3. Obviously, I can’t promise to deliver a perfectly working mapping, but I’d be happy to give it a go.

In general, getting the jog wheels to work properly in djay with custom MIDI mappings can be a challenge. Also, djay’s MIDI Learn application does not provide options to enable the Level / VU meter LEDs.

The Roland 707 M is equipped with a second USB port for IOS devices. It may be possible to connect the new small Hercules DJ control mix via Bluetooth to I pad. Right now, I am primarily a VDJ. Any thoughts on this?

@DJ_Faisal I’m not too sure what you’re asking here. The Roland 707M has 2 USB ports for connecting 2 computers or 1 computer and 1 iOS device so you can easily switch between the 2. For example, 2 DJs playing back-to-back on separate devices.

Are you suggesting that you could connect the Hercules DJ Control Mix directly to the Roland 707M via the second USB port? Or perhaps you’re suggesting that 1 iPad could be connected to the Roland via USB and to the Hercules via Bluetooth at the same time? Either way, I would say the answer is no.

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Thanks for clarifying.

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