Mapping for the MAC/ Pioneer DDJ-RR available?

Mapping for the MAC/ Pioneer DDJ-RR available?

Yes, please refer to… and stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi there,

the DDJ-RR is not natively supported by djay Pro but you can map the controller with the integrated djay midi learning tool. If you need help with the mapping please contact us via

Cheers,Lukas E.

Regarding the RR the only thing you loose is LED master feedback. But that is a suggestion because we don’t have the controller at our office. But in general every other function should work flawlessly.

Lukas E.

Hey Mark,

we got a mapping on our user request list. As said above I can not verify that a user made mapping will work to 100% but our general experiences are positive.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys,

after quite some time, we are very happy to announce that

djay Pro for Mac 1.4.4 comes with full plug & play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

You are good to go after updating djay Pro.

Thank you for your patience.

Lukas E.

What features do I lose using midi mapping vs a controller that has native support?

Hi Lukas,
I sent an email to from for your support for DDJ RR mapping for Mac.
Could you check it and reply?
Thank you.

I bought the RR because Lukas said that the mapping file that he has is ok, only the LED is not working. I searched Youtube and everywhere, seems that there is no instruction for this.

I did. Now I have to manually mapping the RR with DJay Pro?

What should I do now? do n

Thank you David! I will try to figure it out.

It’s a disaster to manually map the RR to DJayPro. I think it will take me days to do it. Do we have other way to map? Importing a mapping file, for eg?

Me too, please send us the midi mapping file thru email!

Can you please verify this statement algoriddim? I have heard doing the mapping yourself can envoke a firmware update on the DJ RR and it cooks your controller? Please let me know ASAP as I’m about to buy one. Cheers, Mark

Thanks Lukas, can you point me to this mapping either by a link or some other means?

If you still want to use the controler. Then, type in Dj RR in youtube and do not return the product. This will help you out what to get and how to use it.

hi, Tung. This is David Seok Just check the wiring on the on the product to the computer or laptop. then, check all the wiring by pulling it out carefully and re-plug them in back to there place.

nope, don’t use that.

use the keyboard key for short-cut button for each button. Do it the way you can easliy play it.