Mapping for Traktor Kontrol S8 Controller

I really hope you add following feature;
Traktor Kontrol S8 mapping for S8 users, who prefer and like a lot to use Djay Pro for Mac.

I believe most of the users of both djay pro and s8 know what they are doing. No harm to have the mapping of s8 for djay pro and I don’t think it is a great deal for djay pro to handle it. Keep in mind that djay pro has a spotify integration which really works smoothly and it is nice to have the chance to be able to play almost any song from spotify on djay pro along with s8. I don’t thing there is any point to discourage djay pro team for this mapping. If they make it available, it is great and anybody who wants it can use it. That is so simple. If not, then it is not the end of the world. Both are still great tools in djing.

Effects are still through Djay Pro siftware.
For all the rest, I agree…

I’d love to havet the mapping also.

The Traktor S8 is a professional controller for people who know what they are doing.

People who use Djay Pro are not professionals and don’t know what they are doing.

So there is no point in making an S8 mapping for Djay Pro.

Hope this helps.

Hey Sinan,

thank you for sharing your feedback. I added your request to our user request list and it would be great if other S8 users can show their support in order to push the issue.

Lukas E.

Native instruments only like thier hardware to function with thier software. I can’t see the S8, S5,S4 or S2 being Djay Pro ready any time


HI there L G L I would like to see a Mapping for Traktor Kontrol S8 Controller , I’m waiting for it

We need the Traktor Mapping!!1

So i guess Djay didn’t hear us uh!!
anybody want to buy a traktor S8 , guess new controller is in place!

I agree that Traktor S8 is a professional controller, but what if you wanted to take advantage of the Spotify integration with DJ Pro. You would then need the mapping to take full advantage of the software.

I would love to see Traktor S8 Mapping for Dj Pro so that I could take advantage of the Spotify Integration. I currently use a Reloop Mixon 4 when I use Spotify but would much rather use My Traktor S8 for multiple reasons:
1- Better audio out
2 - Way Better Effects
3- More comfortable layout
4- Faders are way smoother
5- Higher build quality

Lexy, the reason i use Djay Pro is the simplicity, so that’s the point i like it more over Traktor or Serato. The perfect software for me and i do aprox 150 gigs per year… Djay is a mix of Traktor and Serato but has better loop as Serato and is not borring as Traktor with a million functions to tweek…There is no perfect software…What i like to see in Djay? Serato Crates and Traktor efects, then we have a perfect software…Ok, and VDJ video :))))

Jap, but i prefere Jogs over stripes…I do not scratch a lot , but it has to be a habbit…

Se qualcuno è interessato ho la mappatura x traktor s8 e djay pro 2 con efx, loop, sample, pitch tempo, jogwhell, ecc … info in pvt