mapping Gemini G2V

HI, I would buy the software but I have problem to configure it (trial mode) with my console (Gemini G2V)…many function are not available (es. botton lights etc)…
please can you help me…I would use it with my spotify account but I need absolutely my console to mixing…

thanks a lot

Hi there,

thank you for your post.

Have you checked out our FAQ guide for mapping via midi learn:…

Especially the Advanced control options “MIDI out” tell you how to map the signal traffic between your controller and djay in order to map the Button lights.

If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask any question bothering you.

Perfect, solved ligths problem…but now I have to configure the pads for each bottom, that it s not easy, expecially couse I don t speak English very well, and I have to configure the loop roll, too …I will prove…!!!

I am locked at this point…if I want activate the hot cue mode I push upon the botton and then I choose the 8 pad to insert cue point; but when I push upon the auto loop to activate the loop mode I must disactivate the hot cue button and light to have the possibility using the same 8 buttons to select the 1/8 loop, 1/4 loop, 1/2 loop etc…I am becoming crazy…please Helpppppp…I pay if is necessary

Did you ever get this sorted out? I am starting my Gemini G2V mapping and would love to get your file as a starting point. If you can, please share the text here, or email it to Thank you!

I finally made my own from scratch. Works decent. You can download it here:…

i’d also love this mapping file if you’re willing to share
would be willing to pay a few bucks for it too