Mapping midi control for Set, remove AND jump cue points

Help! I’m trying to setup the midi mapping for the DJ controller (Numark DJ2Go2) and what I want to setup the cue points…

If there is NO cue point set:
1 tap - set the cue point

If there IS a cue point set:
1 tap - jump to cue point
hold the button down - Remove the cue point

The midi mapping control settings have TWO SEPARATE mappings:

  • Jump to cue point x jumps with 1 tap
  • Set cue point x adds with 1 tap, removes with hold

… How can the cue buttons do setting, removing, AND jumping? or how do I set this up properly because my midi controller doesn’t have that many buttons, I can’t have a different button for each…

Hi there,

the Numark DJ2GO2 is natively supported by djay Pro 2 for Mac and djay Pro for Windows.

Please accept the dialog window and you are good to go.

No, it’s is not.

I’m using this mapping on Windows and it’s working perfectly…