Mapping Mixon 8 "TAP" buttons so light stays on

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  • Device model: iPad Pro 11"
  • Version of operating system: latest
  • Version of djay: latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: Mixon 8

Hello again. As you guys may know when I press shift and the Botton shown in the screen shot. It turns on the neural mix levels controlled by the EQ pots. Is there a way to map the button so that when I pressed shift and press the button it stays lit up and I can see that I have the neural mix on.

I hope that makes sense.

@Nubium you can enable LED output in the advanced section of the MIDI Mapping. However, because this is mapped to the SHIFT+ layer of the controller, the LED will only illuminate while SHIFT is held down.

OK, thanks but I could just Remap the button to do what I want without pressing the shift

Yes, if you move your MIDI command to the main layer that should work.

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