Mapping Neural Mix Toggle with DJay Pro/iOS on REV7

I wanted to try and get the SHIFT-SAMPLE combo on my Pioneer DDJ-REV7 to toggle Neural Mix on and off on my iPad Pro. I do see in the MIDI configuration that a number of Neural Mix items have already been mapped, but whereas on the Mac version the SHFIT-SAMPLE combo is working, it is not on iOS, or at least I was not able to get it to work.

I had to go into the settings a few days ago when only one channel was playing, and had to go in and make the other channel work. This seems similar, except I could not find the setting after scrolling up and down a few times that seems to have the correct commands.

If somebody can walk me through how to get there and set the appropriate items, Iā€™d appreciate it.


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Neural mix is mapped where you serato scratch bank should be.

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Hey thanks! I am stumped because I tried using the SHIFT-SAMPLER combo yesterday on the iPad and could not get it to enable. Today, I tried the same combo, and this time it worked. I appreciate the tip! I might want to map the EQs to make the effects gradual, but I wanna use the SHIFT function for that and need to figure out how to do that manually. But at the least, the function works. Again, Thanks!

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