Mapping Numark NV with dj Pro

Is there going to be a map for the Numark NV and the near future? Had trouble mapping some of the controls manually.

I just got the NV and really want to use the deck and the spotify integration.

Has anyone successfully created a map to the NV and if so, would you share your file?

We generally do not talk about future plans. Hope you’ll understand. Any news will be posted here.

Darn. I bought the new deck and added your software and now I can’t use it to the full effect. I understand though…Maybe you can email me if it ever does or maybe do you have a solution to my issue? Do you know of anyone else who mapped the NV?


Adrian!!! Please ! We need the NV/ii mapped!!!

Adrian!!! We’re still waiting on the NV!!! Please!!!

Yo Adriiiaaannnnn!!! Help us please! (sorry, I bet you get that a lot). Nvll please!!!

Hey Adrian! Any word on the NV’s???

Também tenho a nv esse programa seria excelente se liberassem as controladoras tenho certeza disso é uma pena se limitar tanto faz igual a serato cobre por isso pelomenos vai nos ajudar

I have purchased the djpro for windows 10 but unable to map my Numark NV. Please help!

Also I will by djpro WHEN it gets mapping for numark NV