Mapping sb2 on djay Pro

I have the DJJ SB2 and it is not natively mapping once I plug in the controller. I have read that it should all be mapped once it is plugged in (native). Is there anyway I can see what the native map looks like and manually put it in. Also how do I copy and paste a mapped code i find online.

Hi taylor, 

you can find all mapping options, overviews and mappings in djay Pro for the Mac by clicking at MIDI in the top menu bar.
Afterwards select “Configure DDJ SB2…” and you can see which commands are mapped at which button.

If you want to install a mapping by a third party mapper, you simply download the file and double-click it, the mapping will be transferred to the djay Pro mapping folder and you should be good to go afterwards.

If that is not the case please see if the alternative mapping is being selectable in the mapping selector, also in the MIDI mapping dialog window.

Lukas E.