Mapping the transition arrows?

Is there any possible way these transitioning arrows can be mapped onto the controller? I cant find them in the midi mapping.

The Transition MIDI commands are under Mixer.
Mixer | Transition to Left
Mixer | Transition to Right
Mixer | Transition to Middle
Mixer | Transition to Inactive Deck


  • On my controller I like to map the Left/Right transitions to the SHIFT + Play buttons.
  • Transitions use Automix settings, even when Automix is OFF.


Found it! I mapped it to the sound fx blue button on the ddj1000srt since I hardly use those fx. I put it as transition to inactive track so its just one click for both sides.

I appreciate the help and the screenshot!

That’s a good idea. On the FLX4, I was thinking that “Transition to Inactive Deck” would be a good mapping for the Smart Fader button.

But there’s also a good reason to map the Left/Right Transitions. If you accidentally start a transition, you can quickly send it back to the Active Deck. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

I also mapped the Left/Right transitions to the computer keyboard:
⌘ ← Transition to Left
⌘ → Transition to Right

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