Mapping the Typhoon

Hi! I’ve seen my question slightly addressed before, but I’m not finding the exact answers I need. Hopefully you can help.

I bought the Vestax Typhoon to use with DJay. I’ve midi mapped it as well as I can for now, and it’s working properly with the exception of the lights on they unit. When Typhoon is synced to something like Serato, the play, cue, sync, etc buttons light up. When I connected it to DJay, they don’t light up even though they’re properly mapped.

Is this fixable? I’d like all the buttons to light up for when I play dark gigs.


Hi Jon,

Please try the following in the configuration window:

  • click on “Show Advanced”
  • enable “MIDI out”

That did the trick! Thanks for your help!

Hola yo tenia el mismo problema pero me funciono
pero solo me faltan las luces del lado de la ganancia.
por favor necesito que me ayuden