Mapping xdj xz?

Hey is there any mapping for the xdj xz with djay AI? It is working like a basic machine … how to make the AI work on the faders? And if there is a mapping anyone know how to change it? Thanks

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The XDJ-XZ is natively supported on djay PRO AI for Mac. Could you please follow the Controller Troubleshooting Guide. Make sure you have the driver installed and also make sure you’re using djay with this controller in external mixer mode. You’ll find this option in the audio device settings in djay. To open the audio settings on djay Pro AI for Mac, press and , there go to Devices.
Please note that external mixers sometimes have knobs/faders that do not send MIDI signals. This is why djay can not react to the changes on the crossfader. I believe this also occurs in the EQ of this controller. That’s why you may not be able to remap the EQ to another MIDI action. These knobs are solely changing the audio through hardware audio signal processing.

You can find more information here:

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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HI Guys, I have successfully mapped some neural controls to the pads but as suggested the eq knobs will not control the AI mix, just normal Hi. Lo etx, I have however invested in the Midifighter twister as an add on controller and its a gamechanger.

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