Master Compressor+Limiter

Can you integrate VST plugin оn master volume or integrate default internal plugin

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thank you for your feedback. Can you give me further information about your use case in particular, what are you trying to set up?

Cheers,Lukas E.

You can do it per deck and move the window completely on the side, but it doesn’t remain on the master.

But i don’t see the interest of a compressor and limiter when you have a good soundcard.

I want have some compression on live mix & limiting volume in RMC
Its a very useful tools because I can be sure in advance that the tracks with different loudness will sound more equal and if there are some more loud fragments they will not break out of the overall mix at the final loudness. For example, those tracks that were created in the 90s or 80s and tracks that are fashionable now have a different volume, because more different technologies have been used.

Take a look about this plugins:


There are a very useful when working in a sequential ligament

Can you add support vst plugins on master volume?