Master gain control

Hello, it’s a very basic question but I can’t find the master gain in Djay Pro 2.

I’m using the auto gain feature but this tends to reduce the gain of almost all the tracks, I’d like to know if it’s possible to increase the general gain. I don’t see a general gain control anywhere, is this possible? or maybe it’s better not to use the auto gain as you lose up to three decibels per song.

Thanks in advance

Not sure what system you’re using (iOS, iPadOS, Mac etc) but as far as I know there is no ‘master gain’ as such…each channel has its own gain control and if you’re using Auto Gain this may be to the left (volume reduced), central or up (no change to volume) or to the right (volume increased).

If Auto Gain alters a track’s volume you can move that channel’s gain control to suit what you want.

Also, the position of the gain knob is in different places dependant on which deck configuration you have (classic, 2 deck, 4 deck etc) and also if the iPad / iPhone is in portrait or landscape but regardless of which you have it’s located in the same space as deck volume, EQ/NM, hp/lp filter and is the smallest knob that isn’t labelled.

You might have already known all of the above but that is the gain control system and there is no overall gain control.

Unless someone knows differently…


Thanks for your answer, indeed the auto gain can put 3.5 decibels above or below 0 which is a pity because there are very well mastered tracks that stay far below their optimum, perhaps as you say the solution is to let auto gain do the mixing and then take the gain where I want it to go.

I’m on a Mac Pro and I like to record my sessions because when we put them with friends I also like to dance so the best thing is to record them correcting the volumes.

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